I think the life should be always learning.Through learning we can broaden our horizon and make it more colorful, different than the past. I know what English is so vital so that I want to improve my English become well than before even if my major is applied English in my college. I choose the BOC School because its semi-Sparta education. I do not just want to travel in the Philippines but also want to enhance my English abilities as well. Maybe at the beginning in unfamiliar country, just need more time and space to be familiar the weather, food, rules, teachers and so on. When you are used to the environment in here, you must love here than you think before. As far as I am concerned, most students study here that they always worry about the food in Philippines.





In fact, the food is very yummy and delicious in here but sometimes due to personal situations. Never always tell you will dislike it before you do not try it. We should cherish every opportunity that we have. Life cannot start again so that’s why we should grasp every chance that we have. InPhilippines, you can experience their positive attitudes and enthusiasm for life even in facing the difficulties that they always keep smiling to embrace them. For me, I never regret that study here even if a month is so short. Time always flies quickly. Just do your best and cherish everything that you have now. On the other hand, you will meet different people from different countries and make a lot of friends here.

Just remember you can only live once, but there is more than one path through it. Life has nothing to do with fate, but everything to do with your choices.





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